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Erykah Badu Attempts to Kiss Reporter During Live Broadcast

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Need another reason to love Erykah Badu? Look no further. Last Friday, New York’s PIX 11 live broadcast was interrupted by the mischievous siren, when she attempted to kiss news reporter Mario Diaz, who was covering Shia LeBouf’s recent arrest for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct during a Broadway performance of Caberet (read more about his arrest here). Erykah Badu appears in the background, complete with funky hat, weaving back and forth and eyeing the camera, even making some lewd gestures, before briefly popping up and attempting to give Mario a quick peck on the cheek. Diaz brusquely dismisses Miss Badu with an “excuse me” and continues reporting, later sending a sympathetic tweet to the singer: “Next time I won’t do the NYC push back,” adding that his “wife and 2-year-old were 20 yards away when it happened… She saw the roll up, you putting on hat & everything.” Badu first denied that the cheeky woman in the background was her, but later tweeted at the reporter “sorry Mario. :-)))),” who in turn responded  jokingly with “I get it because… ‘Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with I just want your extra time and your….. kiss'”. View their odd twitter exchange here.  badutweet Badu had a busy weekend in the city, all practical jokes aside. She performed with Dave Chappelle at Radio City Music Hall on Friday Night, and celebrated the 25th anniversary of Spike Lee‘s film Do The Right Thing by performing at a block party in Brooklyn. Watch Erykah’s comedic exchange with reporter Mario Diaz here. 

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