Estelle: 'Conqueror' Single Review

Estelle: ‘Conqueror’ Single Review

1980 Records

1980 Records

Estelle is soaring into masterclass with this triumphant gospel-pop single “Conqueror,” from her upcoming album True Romance, that encourages listeners to the conqueror life’s many unexpected twists and turns. Someone out there needs this song like the air he or she breathes; this is just the song, which provides an enlightened outlook on life. Life’s many obstacles encountered can sometimes make anyone lose hope, but this song offers optimism. Life sometimes can go “up and then down” in the midst of “everybody been counting you out,” but “Conqueror,” will inspire and encourage those to never accept defeat.

Instantly when the melodic gospel-like production begins, it sets the mood for this astounding song, thanks to producer D.Smith. The big drums will have concert goers across the nation clapping hands in the air. The vocals and production work like magic together, creating inspiration flawlessly.

Estelle’s voice has neither sounded better nor richer in tone and depth. The voice is most epic during the chorus, “I’d rather stand tall, than live on my knees / ‘Cause I am a Conqueror and I won’t accept defeat / try telling me no / one thing about me, is I am a Conqueror / I am a Conqueror / ooh oh.” The vocal presentation is soulful and subtle, reaching for hope during the chorus – unlike anything Estelle has ever released. “American Boy,” was the best single from the London native, until “Conqueror.”

Lyrically, this song is incredible as it enhances the message of the song perfectly. It’s exceptionally prominent in the second verse, “Got a vision that no one else sees, lot of dirty work roll up your sleeves / Remember there’s a war out there so come prepared to fight! / You never know where the road leads you, not everyone’s gonna believe you.”

As a single, “Conqueror” is the best single 2015 has heard yet. It is compelling, different, and peaceful. Estelle is back, and she is not accepting defeat in her best single to date. The anticipation for the fourth album, True Romance is now at an all-time high. If this single is any indication, this album will be her most personal album to date. It resonates with many people’s experiences and strums at the heart strings. Thanks, Estelle for reinforcing confidence in us because we truly are conquerors.

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