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Estonian Soldier Finds A Lost Baby Moose And Saves Its Life

Estonian Soldier Finds A Lost Baby Moose And Saves Its Life

Soldiers in training will often encounter some pretty scary situations. So when one soldier found himself in the forest, he braced himself for the worst. However, what he ended up being met by, was far from what he expected.

20. Estonian Soldier


Erich Jyri Prikko is a conscription member of the Estonian defense force. Recently, Prikko was stationed at a military base near the shores of Lake Võrtsjärv. He would soon be partaking in the largest-ever military exercise.

19. Military Exercise

Image: Animal Channel

Prikko would soon be undergoing the Siil (or Hedgehog) 2018 military exercise. This exercise would involve around 15,000 troops. The troops are used to “test the mobilization mechanisms of the Estonian Defence Forces, and to conduct manoeuvers all over the country,” says a report by the BBC.

18. Other Countries

Image: NATO

It was just Estonian troops either. There were 2,000 other troop members from various NATO countries that joined in on the military exercise. “Our task is to show our opponents that attacking us would be so risky that the costs of such a step would outweigh any potential gain,” Defence Minister Juri Luik said.

17. Final Week


It was the final week of the exercise and Prikko was given his last exercise. While out there, Prikko decided to make use of the woods as a way to relieve himself. That’s when he heard a very strange noise!

16. Funny Voices

Image: The Dodo

I heard some funny voices that reminded me a cat or a small baby,” Prikko told The Dodo. “I noticed some kind of a cute animal walking towards me. At first he reminded me a dog, but pretty quickly I realized it was a small baby moose trying to tell me something.”

15. All Alone

Image: Pinterest

Prikko noticed that the baby moose was all by itself. He immediately walked away from the moose, hoping not to scare it. He thought that the moose would then wander back to its mother, however, that’s not what happened…

14. Walking Over

Image: The Dodo

He slowly walked towards me,” Prikko said. “He was quite shy at first, but he finally decided that I seemed to be trustworthy and came very close to me.” What happened next left the man in awe!

13. Stunned

Image: Pinterest

Prikko was quite stunned by the moose’s behavior. He couldn’t believe just how trusting this tiny animal was being. Then the baby did something else that surprised the soldier. It’s adorable!

12. A Surprise

Image: The Dodo

The moose continued to get closer to Prikko and that’s when he did something hilarious! “He even tried to find something under my armpit,” Prikko said. “He might have thought that I have mammary glands.” But the cutest part is yet to come, read along!

11. New Mom

Image: The Dodo

It seemed that the baby moose had found a new mother in the soldier. Prikko knew that he couldn’t fulfill the role of ‘mom’ to this baby. So, he decided to help out in the best way that he could. The animal’s reaction? Priceless!

10. Not Leaving


Prikko knew that he couldn’t just walk away and leave the poor baby moose to fend on its own. So he decided that he would help out. So what exactly did he do?!

9. Important Call

Image: Jezebel

I called our veterinary office and let them know what happened,” Prikko said. “I wanted to do more for the small calf and wanted to ask what should I do.”

8. Directions


The vet told Prikko to return the calf back to where he first found him. Then he was told to watch over the situation and wait to see if the mother would return. In the meantime, a vet was sent over to the area.

7. A Bottle


A vet headed over to the area with a bottle of milk to feed the baby with. The vet wanted to be prepared in case the mother didn’t show up.

6. Hard Decision

Image: Pinedale Online

It was hard for Prikko to leave the baby moose all by itself in the area. However, he continued to watch from a distance to see what would happen. Then, suddenly, something appeared from the trees.

5. Keeping Quiet

Image: Grizzly Bear Blog

Prikko did his best to keep quiet the entire time so that he wouldn’t disturb the area. He didn’t want to scare off the mother. Then in the middle of the night he heard a moose call.

4. A Mother’s Return

Image: The Dodo

The baby’s mother had finally returned to claim her child. “We noticed very fresh big moose footprints that indicated that the small calf had been rescued by his mother,” Prikko said.

3. So Happy


Prikko was so happy that the baby moose and its mother had been reunited. As a soldier, he felt that he had done his best in the situation to help out.

2. Satisfied

Image: Yankee Magazine

I wanted the calf’s mother to find him and I was very satisfied when we found out that they really found each other.” Prikko could finally return to his unit – happy that he helped save the life of a baby moose and prevent a catastrophic situation from occurring.

1. Happy Ending

Image: Pinterest

It is so inspiring to see how one man helped change the lives of two animals for the better. Now the baby moose has been reunited with its mother and will grow up to be big and strong!

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