Eureka Birds - Fastest (Official Music Video)

Eureka Birds – Fastest

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Enjoy a refreshing taste of animation and indie pop with Eureka Bird‘s music video for “Fastest.” The video begins with an introduction of our animated characters: a firefighter, a sailor, a wrestler, an astronaut, and two ladies in running gear. These six are accompanied by two elders, who are watching them from a television screen. The people are on a track, racing to the finish line. Each individual has a mission to accomplish in order to achieve a sense of pride and satisfaction. The firefighter must fight fire in a building that is engulfed in flames and rescue people who are in danger. The tattooed sailor is itching for new ink that would complete his canvas. The wrestler trains for his match so that he can win the title, and the astronaut is set out on a mission to Mars in hopes of becoming the first person to land on the planet. We encounter these different stories all while listening to Eureka Birds’ happy track. The lyrics are engaging and delightful. “I don’t wanna come in fourth or third or second place / I gotta win this race, I do.” ‘Tis a story about being better than average – to achieve higher goals than expected, because that’s what life is really all about. It’s about making a name for yourself and being grateful for the opportunities that arise. Take a chance and become the “Fastest.”

Production Companydreambear
Animator/Illustrator – Daniel Cordero
Produced by Evan Brown / Lee Levin
Story by Matt Yarrington
Music Written and Performed by Eureka Birds (Justin Levy, Dave Rogoza, Scott Hesel, and Dan Vellucci)

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