Evan Ross feat. T.I.: 'How to Live Alone (Remix)' Single Review

Evan Ross feat. T.I.: ‘How to Live Alone (Remix)’ Single Review

Courtesy of blackfilm.com

Courtesy of blackfilm.com

Music is a gift. It is something you are born gifted with, and when nurtured, can take you places you’d have never dreamed of. The music industry is full of exceptional families where the music gift runs through the entire family; one of such families is Evan Ross’. He is the son to the famous Diana Ross, and it looks like he is following in mommy’s footsteps. Evan Ross is for certain getting the right mentorship, because his “How to Live Alone” single has made an impact on the industry already. And now hustle gang rapper T.I. joins forces with him to bring us “How to Live Alone (Remix).”

Drawing inspiration from a mother who is a legendary singer, dancer and actress must breed a brilliant entertainer. Evan Ross is on his way to living up to that expectation, and he undoubtedly is fully prepared to impress. He has already established a career as an actor and has now started working on his infiltration into the very competitive music industry. 

Being Diana Ross’ son must come with immense pressure. She is an exceptionally gifted woman and people must expect you to be as good or even better since she obviously mentors you. That’s not all that puts pressure on Evan Ross; he is also married to a singer, Ashlee Simpson. That must come with high expectations and a lot of criticism when you underperform or become too lazy to exploit your full potential. But he is handling all this quite impressively.

“How to Live Alone (Remix)” starts off with a verse from T.I. When he is rapping on this song, he reminds me of the T.I. from his Paper Trail album. He is very comfortable and extremely catchy on this song. T.I is a rapper whose verses flow with swag and utmost coolness. This is once again exhibited on “How to Live Alone (Remix).”

Evan Ross’ modulated smooth voice comes in singing, “I said if it’s not you, if it’s not you / it will be no one, it will be no one / I said if it’s not you, if it’s not you / it will be no one / I’ll just learn how to, how to live alone.” The vocal strength and surpassing delivery displayed on this chorus will leave heads nodding in acknowledgement of what this son of Diana Ross is doing. It is simply beautiful.

The song is one of the most sincere songs I have listened to. It is said that this song is written about his wife, Ashlee Simpson, and it’s no wonder it feels personal and intimate. He sings about her, describing what her lips are like to him, how he feels her hair and the feeling it gives him and her body; he says if he is wrong about all this, he should not be told what it is. A memorable line for me would be, “if your body lies, I sin again.” The poetry and wordplay employed on this song is mind-blowingly simple and creative.

Evan Ross is definitely on the right path and in the right footsteps. This is just the start of his career, and he is starting it off with such well-crafted music. A lot more must be in stock, and we just might have seen nothing yet. T.I. featuring on this remix shows the support the industry has for new talent and shows that T.I. as an individual is always ready to bring quality music to listeners. “How to Live Alone (Remix)” is an amazing song, and I am anxious to see what the future holds for Evan Ross.

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