Evenstarr - Lies (Official Music Video)

Evenstarr – Lies

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The music video for “Lies,” the single off of Evenstarr’s album Lost Robot, depicts the sad tale of a young man finding a way to undo being evicted from his house. Given the boot, he heads to the house of a woman who might be his older sister. She sees him head out into the night on his bike, leaving a flyer behind with the words “Girls Girls Girls” on it. Our guy is headed to a classy drag show, but not to watch – he’s the headliner. Malaysian male Marilyn Monroe charms and pleases the audience, until he spies his sister among them. She’s in red dress, sitting with a dapper man in a suit, going over mysterious paperwork. She locks eyes with Marilyn on stage, and immediately heads for the door. Things don’t look good for the poor guy, as he chases the couple all the way home on his bike. There’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, though we won’t give it away.

Lyrics by Silas Michael, Gary Leo, and Clement Jonas
Song by Eventstarr
Executive Producer: Silas Michael-Borneo
Producer: Charisa Pung
Original Concept: Alwyn Tay
Script: Silas M. Martin
Director: Alwyn Tay
Director of Photography: Calavin Lim
Line Producer: Chee Cia Cia
Assistant DOP: Tan Yan Lin
Art Director: Justin Yeo, Lo Li Chieh
Sound Effect: Alvin Wee
Editor: Calavin Lim
Lighting: Abg Za’afar
Technical: Azhar, Ira
Make Up Artist: Michelle Isa, Deogenes Laguitan Dula, Melur
The Making Of: Hua Yi

Website: reverbnation.com/evenstarr
Facebook: facebook.com/Evenstarr

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