Every Man Is An Island: 'Humans' Track-by-Track EP Review

Every Man Is An Island: ‘Humans’ Track-by-Track EP Review

Courtesy of everymanisanisland.com

Courtesy of everymanisanisland.com

Every Man Is An Island, the Brazilian hardcore band, stood out for their endeavor and quality work in the national metalcore scene. With their second – and sadly a bit too short – EP features three tracks along with twelve minutes of duration. Humans was released in June of 2014. Two of the three songs, “Tides” and “A Better Man,” are really solid.

Its first track, “Mirrors” begins with a really good performance, starting with a chaotic climate and fast passes. With the frontman, Big Dih, screaming out and loud right off the bat, and the guitarist Flávio Ferraz giving the song a disturbing atmosphere, the track is merged with a conflicted mind that is expressed through the lyrics. “Mirrors” expresses the mind in conflict with itself, arguing about regretful things that one does and repents later. The lyrics talk about how selfishness and carnal desires destroy the purpose of life; confessing and asking for forgiveness are required. The track has a good performance until it comes closer to the end, where the song is left to be desired, in my opinion. 

The following track “Tides” has a totally energetic and flicking start, with the guitar leading the band to its progression throughout the song, and the drums marking the bridges to the chorus. “Tides,” in general, is a very simple song, compared to the other two, but it won’t get out of your mind very easily. The whole song has a blend of great harmony and a catchy chorus.

And last but not least – definitely not least – “A Better Man. It is the third and final track that finishes with a flourish in the Humans EP. Being the longest of the three tracks, “A Better Man” has more of a sentimental side attached to it. This song, I think, is where the whole band is playing equally. All of the instruments and vocals blend together beautifully and equally. The lyrics talk about not letting the world bring one down, and just because one has had a bad day, doesn’t mean that one has a terrible life. The song also mentions how temptations take advantage of a person and ending up hurting somebody else. If you’re interested (which you should be), you can check out the band’s Facebook here as well as download the EP for free.

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