Everyone Was Afraid Of This Abandoned Dog Because She Looked Like A Wolf, Now Check Out Her Dramatic Transformation | PPcorn

Everyone Was Afraid Of This Abandoned Dog Because She Looked Like A Wolf, Now Check Out Her Dramatic Transformation

Everyone Was Afraid Of This Abandoned Dog Because She Looked Like A Wolf, Now Check Out Her Dramatic Transformation

Looks can be quite deceiving, after all, how many of us remember the old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” This saying can be applied to most situations in life, especially when it comes to dealing with those in need. This poor abandoned dog was in need of help but everyone was afraid of her. No one wanted to get too close and so she suffered…

Check out her dramatic transformation that occurred after a brave soul finally approached this sad, homeless dog.

20. A Call

Image: Paw My Gosh

One day non-profit organization Hope For Paws received a very strange phone call from from a woman. It seems that the woman was walking the streets of Los Angeles when she spotted a “wolf.” She immediately contacted the organization and took a photo of the animal.

19. More Info

Image: allcuteallthetime

The woman that called then proceeded to text the photo to the organization. Through the photo sent to them, it was clear to the organization that the animal was “disoriented and clearly very sick.” So the rescuers quickly sprung into action…

18. The Species

Image: Honest To Paws

From looking at the photo, it was clear to the organization that this was no ordinary dog. The animal appeared to be a wolf hybrid and Hope For Paws had never dealt with one before. Regardless, the team knew they had to help however way they could.

17. Trapped

Image: The Dodo

Animal rescuer, Lisa Chiarelli, was the first one to get to the dog. She worked diligently and eventually cornered the poor creature inside of a fenced yard. From there the workers could really see what they were working with and they were shocked at what they saw.

16. Poor Girl

Image: Holidog Times EN

This poor girl was so swollen from infections,” Hope for Paws founder Eldad Hagar wrote. “She was bleeding, pus was oozing from everywhere, and it’s hard to see because of this coat, but she is just skin and bones.” Then they noticed something else…

15. A Rope

Image: The Dodo

Around the dog’s neck, whom they later named Julia, was an old tattered rope. “[That] indicates to me that someone owned and neglected her to a criminal level,” Hagar wrote. The team then began to work on earning Julia’s trust.

14. Wary

Image: The Dodo

Julia kept her distance for a while and it was obvious that she did not trust humans easily. Eventually, she began to warm up to the rescuers once Chiarelli started to feed her treats. “Even though Julia was so skinny and starved, she took food so gently,” Hagar said.

13. 20 Minutes

Image: The Dodo

After about 20 minutes, the rescuers were finally able to slowly win over Julia. They then placed a leash over her head and gave her continuous pets so that she would feel comfortable with the situation. After some nice pets, Julia stopped resisting and allowed herself to be leashed.

12. Acceptance

Image: The Dodo

Julia was so confused, so tired, and it was so nice that she accepted our touch almost instantly,” Hagar stated. Then they rushed Julia into the car and brought her over to a vet’s office so that she could be looked over. They could tell that Julia was in a lot of pain just by the way she was walking.

11. Diagnosis

Image: The Dodo

Once she was at the vet’s, her condition had become more clear. Julia was diagnosed with demodectic mange, which was causing her to lose her hair and causing her skin to be inflamed. Her poor paws were also swollen and her nails were horribly overgrown.

10. Bath

Image: The Dodo

Rescuers then quickly drew Julia a medicated bath. Once she was in the water, rescuers were able to see just how skinny and malnourished the poor dog really was. “When we got the water running, we noticed right away how skinny she was,” Hagar explained. “Just awful to see.”

9. Breaking Down

Image: The Dodo

Once Julia was in the tub, her scabs also began to open up. It seems that they were being covered by her mangled fur. It was all obviously very painful for her and it was hard for the rescuers to see her in such pain.

8. Continued Trust

Image: The Dodo

Despite all of the pain that she was going through, Julia didn’t lose trust in the rescuers. “As Lisa grabbed a towel, Julia just rested her head on Lisa’s arm,” Hagar wrote. “She was happy it was over.” Finally, Julia’s day was coming to a nice end.

7. Bedtime

Image: The Dodo

Finally, after such a rough day, Julia was ready to be tucked into bed. “Julia probably never had a nice bed, and it was time for her to start resting and healing,” Hagar said. The next few days would be a serious recovery process for Julia…

6. Improvements

Image: The Dodo

As each day went by, Julie began to slowly improve. She started eating little by little and regaining her strength. Not only that, but she also started to be more affectionate with the rescuers and showing her appreciation.

5. Appreciation

Image: The Dodo

Julia is still not wagging her tail – she just shows her appreciation by rubbing her head on me,” Hagar explained. “What a special girl.” Still, Julia’s recovery will not be an easy one and it will still take time for her to get fully healed. She recently had a bad spell that overcame her…

4. Bad Turn

Image: The Dodo

Julia had a bad past couple of days in terms of getting over her infection. “The infection is taking a toll on her body, she lost her appetite, she has fever, but she is of course getting the best supportive care at the hospital,” Hagar explained.

3. DNA Test

Image: The Dodo

I am sure she will be OK – she just needs more time to heal, and gain strength. When we found her she was in a total state of starvation.” The rescuers are also getting ready to have a DNA test done on Julia. They want to know if she really is part wolf or just an unusual breed of Husky.

2. In Love

Image: The Dodo

In the meantime, the team has continued to fall in love with Julia and her lovely personality. “She is only 2 years old, but such an old soul,” Hagar said. “I can’t even imagine what she had gone through during all this time since she was born.”

1. Foster Home

Image: The Dodo

Once Julia gets better she will be placed into a foster home through A.R.T. N Paws Animal Rescue. For now, she is just taking her time getting better and enjoying her life off the streets.
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