What Exactly Happened at the OVO Festival?

What Exactly Happened at the OVO Festival?

What Exactly Happened at the OVO Festival?Courtesy of pitchfork.com

Drake, everyone’s favorite sentimental Canadian, hosted a government-backed OVO Music Festival in Toronto this week. The OVO festival stunned, not with big stars, but with..music, and interesting plot twist for a festival hosted by Drizzy. There’s no shortage of stories and speculation originating from the OVO festival shenanigans, so here are some of the most recent and most striking surprises from event.

Somebody was shot
Ok, to clarify this didn’t happen at the festival, but a man was shot at the site of Drake’s after-party for the OZO Festival. Emergency responders found the man on Duffrein Street around 4:00 AM with a torso wound and promptly took with to the hospital. Muzik nighclub at Exhibition Place, which hosted Drake’s after party, issued a statement saying the incident occurred “long after Muzik had closed” and that there was no “threat to Muzik’s guests or staff.”

Lauryn Hill was the star of the main stage
She took the stage for the main feature, supported by three backup singers. She performed some of her most work from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and The Score  including “Killing Me Softly,” “Lost Ones,” “Fu-Gee-La” and “Ready or Not.” Her set led seamlessly into Drake’s performance. She pulled the young rapper on stage with “Doo Wop (That Thing)” transitioning into his “Draft Day” song that samples Hill’s vocals.

J Cole stopped by and Kendrick Lamar was crowned “king” of the game
J Cole, who Drake has formerly referred to as his “twin brother,” made a pit stop in Toronto. J Cole is pretty big in Toronto, and earned monstrous applause from the crowd. Drake made a show of calling out Kendrick as the ‘king’ of the game. “I wanna shout out my n***a Kendrick Lamar,” he proclaimed. “Kendrick was on my album, we went on tour…that’s one of the hardest n***as alive. He should be standing right [here].” It was a nice gesture, probably meant to kill rumors of animosity kindled by Kendrick’s cut-throat verse on ‘Control.‘ J Cole shared in the praise: “There’s a lot of kings in this sh**, so shout out to Kendrick and shout out my brother J. Cole.”

Drizzy gave his mommy a hug
After performing a few songs, Drake brought out his wheelchair-bound mom and gave her a hug. She tried not to cry on camera, and tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to hype the crowd for Drake’s performance. Her son laughed it off, joking that they’d “work that out in rehearsal.” It may have been a predictable move, who’s rapped about his mother before, but it was almost endearing in its clumsiness.


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