Fabolous ft. Chris Brown: 'She Wildin'  Single Review

Fabolous ft. Chris Brown: ‘She Wildin’ Single Review

Fabolous ft. Chris Brown: ‘She Wildin’  Single Review


Fabolous and Chris Brown meet up at the club with the uptempo single, “She Wildin’,” where “She just wanna shake something, after hearing this ‘thang thang’,” from the album, The Young OG Project. Watch and see how fast this smoking record blows up on the charts and radio in the same instance. In time, this single will be an even better success than their last joint effort, “Ready.”

Fabolous arrives with some swag to the show lyrically, showing off his cocky demeanor, which benefits this track in a sweeping way. It’s expressly obvious during his verse, “Either way you know what time it is, gotta maintain / Mr. Chows’ girl, not a PF Chang-thang / Whole crew bad, it’s a pretty gang thang / Long hair, don’t care, let it hang thang.” Chris Brown also comes equipped to stand out on the record, bringing cohesive ingredients of a smash hit. Chris’ best moment: “A bottle of that liquid courage on the way now / All my ladies taking shots, I know that they down.” The verses, production, and chorus each manage to bring a meaningful aspect of excitement for each purpose.

The women will definitely have a purpose to shake what their mother gave them on this incredibly magnetic party starter. But the hook does this song even further justice: “Ooh she wildin’, wildin’ / She do her thang, thang / She just wanna shake something / Girl that ass gon’ make money / Ooh she wildin’, wildin’ / She do her thang, thang.” Quickly, the chorus will bless the clubs like this is the second coming of Christ.

As a second single, urban radio and DJ’s across the world will fall madly in love with this hip-hop record. It is modern, cool, and suitable for spins on the radio and in the clubs on the weekend. The production by Count Justice and The Superiors stay beyond comprehension with the “Oochie Wall” sample, used to very good results. Chris Brown gives an energetic and raw vocal delivery, but Fabolous takes the show with an insanely brilliant verse. “She Wildin’” is a hit song that is ready to explode up the charts until it reaches number one.

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