Faith Evans feat. Keke Wyatt: 'Make Love' Single Review

Faith Evans feat. Keke Wyatt: ‘Make Love’ Single Review

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Faith Evans and Keke Wyatt in their most sultry voice ask, “Won’t you come over, ‘Cause I wanna make love,” on second official single “Make Love,” from album Incomparable. Faith Evans promulgates her most sensual vocal delivery and the passion for intimacy has never sounded this good for the first lady since classic “Soon As I Get Home,” released twenty years ago.

Evans performs a stimulating vocal suited for the records slow burning mood, which upgrades, the sexy R&B record in a tremendous way. It’s very prominent throughout her verse, “Now that you hear me baby / Come and lay me down and taste / My sweet love, I can’t get enough.” Keke Wyatt, who the world is waiting patiently on for her next album, also succeeds in making her presence known, singing her heart out and inspiring goosebumps of excitement. In Wyatt’s greatest moment she belts out, “Every day and every night you / Break it down, make it right, I don’t sleep / Come on and touch me, babe.” Both artists sing like their dear lives depend on it, infusing the song with a strong sex appeal that has been sorely missing from urban radio.

The thought of lovemaking will happen often if this hot and heavy record is playing in the background to slowly create the mood.  Producers The Futuristiks are mainly known for their hip-hop records, but with their production of “Make Love,” it shows they know a thing or two about how to create a perfect sound for an R&B song. The chorus sexually intriguing chorus boasts, “Baby just tell me if I’m doing too much / Tell me how you like it, baby / ‘Cause I’d do it, just wanna make love.”

As a single, urban radio will revel from the reinforcement of true R&B invigoration. It is grand and gratifying, and will be to R&B fans across the world. The song is outstanding, and absolutely brings the spirit of desire into the forefront. Evans performs an extraordinary sensuous vocal, and Wyatt provides ad-lib fiesta of epic proportions. “Make Love” is hit a song, which makes it easy for listeners to play it, “Over again, over again / Then keep doin’ it again / Do it again, do it again, do it again.”

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