Fall Out Boy: 'Irresistible' Music Video Review

Fall Out Boy: ‘Irresistible’ Music Video Review



Fall Out Boy premiered last year a video for their UK single, “Irresistible,” and it’s possibly the greatest release of their post-hiatus career. “Irresistible” is taken from their sixth studio album, American Beauty/American Psycho, and is a stark contrast to Save Rock and Roll’s Young Blood Chronicles. The video is an obvious nod to the past; not only in its content, but also in sentiment.

“Irresistible” sees the guys donning neon short-shorts and attractive headbands to battle a much taller, and much more experienced, opponent on the basketball court. And, to put it bluntly, failing epically. With a final score of 96-1, the only thing Fall Out Boy do succeed at is proving you need to be taller than 5’5” to play basketball.

Though full of the light-hearted silliness reminiscent of Infinity on High’s “The Take Over, The Breaks Over” video, “Irresistible” is packed full of FOB-typical metaphor. It’s within the crowd that you find this most clearly. They, despite initially being unsure, cheer passionately for Fall Out Boy’s mishaps. This continues throughout the game – signs reading “Andy, will you marry me?” and “Not bad, Joe” floating around as the guys struggle to score. Emoji heart eyes, giant trench coats, and Patrick losing a hand (again) are only a fraction of the ridiculousness, but as soon as it ends, the crowd stops cheering.

Knowing Fall Out Boy as we do, there’s no question that the “Irresistible” video has a deeper meaning beneath its bizarre exterior. It’s possible that the game is a metaphor for their career; the crowd being their fans, and their opponents the industry. Through this lens, the crowd isn’t cheering for failure, but for the band being themselves – even if that means embracing the offbeat risks they take in their music. Then again, the crowd leaving when Wentz finally dunks the ball could be a reference to the countless accusations of selling out the band have faced since their return in 2013.

But this diverse crowd is reflective of their demographic, rooting enthusiastically when the band are being their bizarre, unique selves. Ultimately, “Irresistible” is a metaphor for Fall Out Boy’s risk taking, and a reminder that although the Save Rock and Roll videos may have got a bit serious, they’re still the band that dressed like steaks back in 2007.

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Faith Ridler is a UK based graduate, music journalist, and Fall Out Boy aficionado.