Which Famous Fictional Detective Are You?

Which Famous Fictional Detective Are You?

Detectives solve mysteries and seek justice for the most complicated of crimes. Which famous fictional detective suits your personality best? Take this quiz to find out.
1. What kind of bad guys do you go after?
Very intelligent, repeat offenders.
Impulsive, first time killers.
The absolute scum of the Earth.
No one is safe from my judgement.
2. Would you work for the police?
No, they're a little too conventional.
I'd help them out, if they needed me.
Of course. It means I never run out of work.
The police are all corrupt.
3. How do you punish the criminals you catch?
I lead the police to them, once I've figured it out.
I beat them and leave them for the police.
That is up to the justice system, not me.
Kill them. The ones I go after deserve it.
4. Do you want to be renown for your deeds?
No, I get satisfaction from a job well done.
As long as it doesn't slow me down.
Yes, so that criminals will fear me.
It doesn't matter, my work gets me attention no matter what.
5. What is your best asset for catching criminals?
Advanced technology.
Deductive reasoning.
Brute force.
6. Lastly, do you believe you're doing the right thing?
I'm preventing the wrong thing, if that counts.
I'm upholding the law. Others can judge from there.
Sometimes it gets complicated, but yes.
Oh, who even knows? I just love the chase.
Sherlock Holmes
You are observant, independent, and mild-mannered. While you have some quirks and personal problems, they are merely side effects of your brilliant, unusual mind. You use force only to defend yourself, or against your greatest foes.
You have a bit of everything. Intelligence, brute strength, agility, willpower, class, and crazy gadgets. Just beware the mental strain of your grand protector role.
You are a pure-blood police detective, bringing a scruffy coat and a cigar everywhere you go. You play by the rules, never losing your temper. You delight in trapping a killer into a logical corner, until they have no choice but to confess.
As a brutal and unforgiving noir-type renegade, you take actions the police never would, with a black and white sense of justice that cuts through all the red tape. Some call you a maniac, but ultimately, you care about truth and justice.
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