Fan Hopes to Turn Ian Curtis' Home into Museum

Fan Hopes to Turn Ian Curtis’ Home into Museum

Joy Division fans can now rejoice; there will soon be a museum in honor of the band located in none other than lead singer, Ian Curtis’ old home. After spotting an ad for the home on Rightmove earlier this year, Joy Division fan and musician Hadar Goldman decided to purchase the property.  The home, which was the last place Curtis lived before taking his life in 1980, is located in Barton Street, Macclesfield and was described on the real estate website as a “double-fronted character cottage.” Previously, fans started an Indiegogo page in an attempt to raise enough money to buy the home, making sure property developers could not purchase it.  Unfortunately, at the time they were not able to raise enough funds and instead donated what they had raised to the charity, Mind.  “Although I paid £190,000 – nearly double the asking price – I felt as if I had to get involved, especially after hearing the plight of fans who had failed to raise the necessary funds to buy the house owned and lived in by one of the musical heroes of my youth,” Goldman said.

While the asking price of the home was a little over $180,000, the entrepreneur paid the asking price plus an extra $100,000 to cover the legal fees necessary to reverse the transaction that was already taking place.  Goldman also plans to involve fans, friends, family, and music lovers in his plan to turn the home into a museum, stating through a press release that “any venture to preserve the heritage of Joy Division would be sympathetically conceived and developed.”  Members of the band have had mixed feelings on the preservation of Curtis’ home.  Guitarist Bernard Sumner, is torn between the idea of a tribute to Curtis and creating a “monument to suicide.”  “To me, it’s a place of sadness. It’s not a place I’d want to go,” Sumner stated in a recent interview.  Aside from Sumner’s mixed emotions, Curtis’ family, according to an email they sent Sumner, are not “very keen on the idea.”  Joy Division bassist, Peter Hook on the other hand, not only thinks of it as a compliment, but believes that a museum dedicated to the band would be a great idea.  “Ian has such a fantastic legacy and the fact people are inspired by it all around the world can only be a good thing.”

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