FDRMX to Expand Team and Offer New Opportunities

FDRMX to Expand Team and Offer New Opportunities

Today, FDRMX (First Dedicated Real Music Exchange) announced they will be expanding their team of freelance writers and content producers. They have also revealed that they will be rewarding their freelancers with a higher percentage of ad revenue than any other site. The cut: a staggering 35% per article. In a market that has professional writers wrestling over 5-dollar article jobs and 10-cent-per-word Craigslist offers, this is a unique opportunity.

“This is a very exciting time at FDRMX as we expand our site and provide this opportunity to artists and writers worldwide,” stated Fedor Kurj, Founder and CEO of FDRMX. “We want people who have a voice, who have soul in their writing, to be able to delve into their specific music niche, connecting music fans with their favorite genres and artists.”

The online publication, which is not user-generated, curates its content using a meticulous editing process. All articles submitted pass through a skilled team of writers and editors prior to being published, as they would with other premium publications and magazines. The individuals who review the submissions offer helpful suggestions to ensure every article is polished and successful.

“We value each writer’s unique perspective,” explained Kurj. “We want to provide them with a higher percentage of our advertisement revenue than any other website has done previously. We hope that this will encourage writers from around the world to contribute to the FDRMX forum.”

Unlike other platforms, a contributor’s success at FDRMX is based solely on his or her writing, as is their pay. They have described themselves as a team of passionate creatives who want to help each other grow, and provide premium music content to everyone in the world.

“FDRMX is a great site which has allowed me to cultivate my personal writing style and share my love for country music with other music lovers,” said Dutch Bickell, a country music freelancer for the site. “I am looking forward to continuing with FDRMX.”

According to the website, “It is the mission of FDRMX to provide music fans of all generations with premium videos, quality music news, original interviews, reviews, and photos without boundaries, and the opportunity to support musicians, artists, and writers.” You can join their team by filling out a writer application here.

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