FDRMX to Support New Artists With Live Sessions

FDRMX to Support New Artists With Live Sessions

FDRMX live sessions

FDRMX (First Dedicated Real Music Exchange) will be debuting their very first concert in a series of Live Sessions this Friday. The FDRMX Live Sessions will feature lesser-known talent, handpicked by the FDRMX team. They are already seeking out fresh local acts for forthcoming events.

Utilizing an expert film crew, the publication will give breakout artists the opportunity to create professional live music videos during their performances. The videos, which will include a sound mix of the highest quality, will then be promoted to a wide audience on FDRMX. The artists will receive global attention and a high percentage of ad revenue, the same record-breaking 35% that is given to all FDRMX contributors.

The FDRMX Live Sessions will also allow their readers to connect in person to the individuals behind the content they enjoy every day. Their Brooklyn-based staff will be in attendance, as well as several guests from their worldwide team of freelancers.

“There are so many talented musicians who deserve more attention,” says FDRMX founder and CEO Fedor Kurj. “Back before YouTube, we really only saw what MTV decided to show us. But now, anybody can make a name for themselves.”

“We are excited to provide them with professional resources to do so, as well as a global audience. I feel like the FDRMX Live Sessions will be a really positive thing for new artists.”

The debut concert will be held midnight this Friday at the Trash Bar in Williamsburg. This round of FDRMX Live Sessions will feature Argentine pianist Dario Boente’s new high-tech EDM project, the Conscious Collective. Jamming with the group will be special guest rapper FK, who specializes in a unique hybrid of jazz hip-hop. Boente’s Conscious Collective is comprised of Josh Werner on drums and Luis Guzman on bass. Guzman was a member of the house band for Spain’s version of The Voice.

Full event details are available on Facebook. Up-and-coming artists who would like to be featured in future FDRMX Live Sessions are encouraged to come out and meet the team this Friday, and demos can be sent to livesession@ppcorn.com/us/. You can learn more about how FDRMX supports artists and writers here.

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