Which Female 'Friends' Character Are You?

Which Female ‘Friends’ Character Are You?

Which Female ‘Friends’ Character Are You?
Do you love the show Friends? Have you ever wondered how your personality matches up with the characters? Take this quiz to find out which character best matches your personality!
1. What do you do to unwind after a long, hard day at work?
Put on some sweats and clean my house.
Kick back with a glass of wine and some fashion magazines.
Light some candles and drink some herbal tea.
I am usually too tired to do anything.
2. What are you looking for out of a relationship?
I've never had a long-term relationship so I don't know.
Having a boyfriend is nice but no marriage for me.
Something long-term with the potential for marriage and family.
Casual dating, maybe marriage. Who knows?
3. What are your career aspirations?
Maybe something in fashion or modeling. I am not sure.
A stable career is a must!
I enjoy being a freelancer and working for myself.
I am not so sure yet. Maybe an office?
4. Who is your favorite musical artist?
The Beatles
Cat Stephens
I listen to a little bit of everything.
5. What is your favorite hobby?
Running and staying in shape.
I love to cook.
Reading a good book.
Playing music and writing songs.
You are neat, organized, and responsible. Nothing wrong with that!
You like to have fun, but you have a responsible side as well.
You are fun, quirky, and enjoy being different.
You are unique!
Even though you're not like any of the gals from Friends, you are truly unique and you should be proud!
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