How Xtina, Gwen and Shakira Feminized The Voice

How Xtina, Gwen and Shakira Feminized The Voice

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Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani and Shakira must be having a difficult job keeping up with the testosterone rage every episode of The Voice. Per season, only one out of the four coaches is female. Thus, she must be able to keep up with the boys if she wants to assert power. She must have a very specific style not to be overshadowed in the competition. Most importantly, she must have a very high endurance to survive the stress from judging on a male-dominated panel.

The Voice is a very masculine show. There is Adam Levine with his macho antics. There is also Blake Shelton, complete with his cowboy punchlines. Of course, the show has Usher doing his smooth moves and classy talk. CeeLo Green acts as the poetic lover, and Pharrell serves as the older brother. With all these, it must be very hard for a female coach to escape the machismo the coaching panel provides.  Therefore, the producers of the show must have spent lots of time deciding who to select as the sole female coach who can step up to the challenge.

Interestingly, the show always got it right with the selection of the female coaches. Christina Aguilera is feisty as ever. Gwen Stefani puts style in power, while Shakira captures everyone’s affection with her sweet yet assertive personality. With machismo operating in every episode, how could these females do the job successfully?

Christina Aguilera changed the landscape of reality TV competitions. She was straightforward in her comments. She never put any honest insights on hold, even when Adam Levine showed his vicious competitor side. Back in Season 2, Adam had an infamous feud with Ms. Aguilera. Does anyone remember how Christina articulately and courageously said that Team Adam’s Tony Lucca is one-dimensional? No other female coach could pull off such an act! Adam, of course, countered when he allowed Tony to sing Britney Spears’ hit “Baby One More Time.” Ms. Aguilera reacted with optimism like a true professional must do. Then, in the finale, the “Fighter” hitmaker was prepared for her feminist remarks to assert how the song “99 Problems” was derogatory towards women.

In lieu of the competition, Christina Aguilera was the only female coach with honesty that could make the audience love her, while at the same time hate her. As she said, attractive male contestants did not sway her judging, as she was more inclined in using her brain in giving criticisms. So, it is certain that the world is now excited in the return of the one and only Christina Aguilera in Season 8. How in the world could she top her previous coaching stints?

Meanwhile, Shakira brought her Latina flavors to The Voice.  She never backed down in any argument with the male coaches. She may not have always gotten what she wanted, but she never lost without putting up a good fight. Contrary to the coaching style of the male coaches, Shakira’s technique worked best because of the strong affection she had with her contestants.

Same with Christina Aguilera, Shakira never won the show. However, it is interesting to note that the show got exciting in anticipation of what the “She Wolf” singer would bring to the table. In Season 4, she made it clear that you could never argue with a Latina. She meant it wholeheartedly. She defended her artists and showed belief in their potential for success. Shakira’s nurturing style made her standout among the rest.

Gwen Stefani, on the other hand, still has to complete a full season of The Voice. However, as early as now, the “Luxurious” songstress is already showing the world how a woman can stand a chance in a male-dominated world. Her fashion style is so grand. With her on the frame, Adam, Pharell and Blake can hardly be noticed. All eyes are only set on Gwen. Will Gwen be the first female coach to win the show? That remains to be seen. As early as now, though, Gwen proves that she is a very good coach by looking at the quality of her artists remaining in the competition. She also gives solid song choices that made her contestants shine through. How intelligent is she when she gave Anita AntonetteAll About That Bass?”

Again, it might be extremely difficult to overpower, or even outshine, a predominantly masculine panel. However, Gwen Stefani, Shakira, and Christina Aguilera prove that a woman has the control of power. It is too much with the discourse on women subordination. With these accomplished and passionate women, gender equality is just within reach. In any way possible, a woman can do all the commanding if she wishes to.


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