Fetty Wap ft. Drake: 'My Way' Single Review

Fetty Wap ft. Drake: ‘My Way’ Single Review



Willie Maxwell better known as Fetty Wap has somewhat become a household name of late. The success of his hit single “Trap Queen” has made it a dominant song these last few months, it has become an anthem. It is the song that has fellows changing some caller IDs to “Trap Queen” and some ladies referring to themselves as Trap Queens. It has basically given the world a new term. Fetty Wap now implores the mightiness of Drake on the remix of another potential hit single titled “My Way.”

Drake just stepped up and laid down a verse on Fetty Wap’s song “My Way,” to give us an entirely new song. Fetty Wap has been around the game for a while, but like I’ve said before, making it in this industry is not an easy task. The fans decide whether you make it or not. And the fans have decided Fetty Wap will make it. Fetty Wap has himself to thank because he is delivering the kind of music that moves audiences. He is currently working on a lot of new music and with how high “Trap Queen” raised the bar, this new music had better present the quality and sound we now expect from him.

“My Way” never really attained the recognition it has until the OVO music giant Drake came on board for the official remix. Without Drake, the song was pretty awesome on its own. Fetty Wap has a catchy intro with vocals that sound familiar from “Trap Queen” and this builds a certain level of expectancy. He goes on to present a well-delivered chorus and the verses, not so much. The monotony of the flow gets bothersome quite quickly. The flow is maintained at the same pace and rhythm as the chorus and this develops a craving for difference. It is not obvious to tell when he is done with the chorus and is now into the verse, although the monotony still sounds artistically impressive.

Drake swoops in with the much-craved difference and performances the best part of the remix. “Cancel out my ex / I put a line through that bitch,” that’s just a sample of the clever Drake lines that will keep you entertained on this remix. Drake brings the “Drake Factor” on this song as he raps and sings on his verse. It is glorious as always, Drake knows how to take a song and own it. He owns his seconds on this remix and it is a highly pleasant few seconds of Drake’s verse.

It is easy to imagine remixes but this one was not an easy one to imagine. Fetty Wap is blowing up, he is blowing pretty fast and the wise business choice is to seize the moment and spread your music as wide as you can. That is done by collaborating with as many successful artists as you can. Drake definitely added a different sound to this song and the market it has captured now is undeniably wider.

“My Way (remix)” is a good song. It is amazing how Fetty Wap and Drake blended their two unique Hip Hop styles to come up with this impressive remix. Drake still go it and he can work with anyone as he has undoubtedly proved with the number of collaborations he has out there.

Fetty Wap continues to present his creativity to the awaiting world and so far we are still loving it. He comes with so much potential and at this pace the sky may not be the limit as it is a height he will quickly hit.

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