The Field Effect - Ogunquit, Me (Official Music Video)

The Field Effect – Ogunquit, Me

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The Field Effect’s music video for “Ogunquit, Me” is a classic, eye-candy for fans video that finds that band in the studio recording together and on stage playing their hearts out. The venue they are performing in appears to be called “The Middle East” while the recording studio is named Zippah Studios. The very first opening shot of the video is a glass bottle filled with an amber liquid rolling over cracked pavement towards the camera. Upon closeup, we see that it reads “Allston Pudding Presents” written in black Sharpie marker. We are then presented with The Field Effect, tuning up, with headphones on, getting ready to go in the studio. The band are all smiles as they collaborate together, the four of them perfectly at ease with each other as they sit in the mixing room and discuss ideas. On stage, they move as one indie rock animal, totally in sync.

Written by The Field Effect
Produced by The Field Effect and Brian Charles at Zippah Studios
Video Production by Miles Sherman and Allston Pudding, with footage taken at Zippah Studios and The Middle East Upstairs


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