Fifth Harmony: 'I'm In Love With A Monster' Single Review

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Since dropping their debut album Reflection at the beginning of the year, Fifth Harmony has been riding the waves of three successful singles with their most recent banger “Worth It” peaking at number 12 on the Hot 100 charts. The girl group has been pretty busy this year, bringing their first major headlining tour The Reflection Tour to the states this summer and having three singles go certified Platinum from Reflection, but they still made time to drop an unexpected smash for the animated sequel Hotel Transylvania 2. On August 11th, Harmonizers were gifted with a surprise listen to “I’m In Love With A Monster,” an old-school jazz/pop hybrid with enough of a modern twist to get some love from the radio.

Produced by Harmony Samuels (Ariana Grande’s “The Way,” Ciara’s “I Bet”) the track has the girls sounding like they’re performing in a hopping jazz club over production reminiscent of the upbeat cuts from Christina Aguilera’s Back To Basics. From solid performances on X-Factor to more recent impressive live performances, Fifth Harmony is bursting with talent and the versatility to sound amazing across all genres. “I’m In Love With A Monster” has the girls treading new musical territory while adding a hint of maturity to the mix. Hearing Lauren start the song with so much attitude and character in her voice is great, and the song continues to go up from there. Ally is a vocal standout as she adds her pipes to the track before it goes back to the hook. Let’s not forget about Camila, Normani and Dinah because they all add their own personality to the track.

Fifth Harmony still has a couple more potential singles left on Reflection, so I wouldn’t expect to hear another album soon, but I definitely think this group’s popularity will continue to grow. The girls have already proved they have the vocals, stage presence and star power to become a force in this industry. I’m excited to see what’s next for Fifth Harmony. Maybe an announcement of a new single or surprise music video? A harmonizer can dream.

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