Fireflight: ‘We want people to be filled with hope’

Fireflight: ‘We want people to be filled with hope’

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With the release of their new album INNOVA, Grammy nominated Christian alternative/rock band Fireflight are trying something new: they’re going independent. That’s right, after forming 15 years ago and having a studio career spanning 8 years and four albums, they have stepped away from their old record label and have decided to take a leap into the unknown.

“We have changed so much in the past three years,” shares Fireflight about the time since their last label release. “INNOVA represents a new era for Fireflight, both musically and functionally as an independent artist. It encapsulates the renewal process that we have been going through.”

Aside from their decision to record the album on their own, Fireflight has also undergone significant change with original lead guitarist Justin Cox retiring to be with his family, and lead singer Dawn Michele giving birth to her first child in March. This new chapter is treating them well, and the fact their lead single “Resuscitate” peaked at #1 on the Christian Billboard Rock Chart showed the group that Fireflight fans are as keen as ever for their music.

Filled with the guitar driven rifts and gutsy female lead vocals that have become the band’s trademark, INNOVA still possesses the same quality and energy of their previous releases. “We desire that through INNOVA people can begin to see hope in every part of their lives and in every part of the world around them,” they share. “Ultimately, we want people to be filled hope and to share love with all those around them.”

Always outward focused, Fireflight has straddled the secular and CCM worlds throughout their career. They have steered clear of the overly sexualized and materialistic themes of many successful acts, yet held tight to a quality that has garnered them fans of all backgrounds and values.

“We have always sought authenticity in our topics and lyrics,” says the band. “We set out to share our experiences and passions. We [hope] people will be able to hear their own stories woven with ours and be able to identify with our struggles and victories.” Perhaps it is the band’s ability to communicate the struggles of their listeners, always with an underlying hope, that has given them such a solid fan base. “In the end we want the songs to be a voice of encouragement and strength to our listeners.”

Years deep into their career, the toll of touring and being away from family and friends is a seemingly permanent aspect of their lives. “We are thankful for technology that allows us to stay in touch with our families and friends, through text/phone/FaceTime.”

It is in these moments when they are so far from their loved ones that they have learned to lean into their faith. “It can be hard staying connected over the miles, and that leaves us seeking God desperately for strength. Ultimately, through our weakness He is made stronger in our daily lives because we naturally need him so much while were suspended in the chaos of constant travel.”

What’s next for Fireflight in this new season of their career? “We look forward to touring this new album and experiencing all that God has in store as He moves in our lives and in the lives of our listeners,” they share. Joining the Small Town America Tour this fall, they will travel between 30-40 cities bringing their music to fans. “We want to play as many shows and meet as many people as we can to get the message out.”  .

To say Fireflight is soaring is a pun likely found in the press of their early work, so rather I will say this: the rock/alternative group has forged new territory since they first stepped onto the music scene in 2006, and now we see Fireflight continue to evolve and change. They are refined; bigger, bolder and braver than before and in this new independent period of their career they want to stay focused on the most important thing of all, God.

“We just want people to know the hope of God more than any distraction that’s holding them back from sharing their lives with Him.”

Check out Fireflight’s music video “We Are Alive“.

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