Fitzroy North - White Paint (Official Music Video)

Fitzroy North – White Paint

The video for “White Paint” by Fitzroy North starts off looking like the opposite of white paint; instead, it looks like black ink on white paper. The images are clever, and follow conventional stop motion conventions as we see a doodle of a girl start to dance, framed in by crosshairs in the corners of the page that look like they are part of a camera framing her up.  She runs up some stairs before continuing to dance to the beat of the music, and the minimalistic art paired with the techno-pop beat makes for a very fun atmosphere.  At first there are light grey discolorations in the background, but eventually those become outright technicolor paint splotches that flash in time with the synthesizers while the doodle continues to run through scenes.  We can only see the objects she is directly interacting with, which keeps the focus on what she’s doing and the bright splotches that are in time with the beat.  In the bottom corner of the video every time a frame changes, you can see the number that is scrawled down there increasing, meaning that someone really did go through the effort to draw each scene frame by frame.  And kudos, because this is one fun video!

Video artist – Antony Barkworth-Knight
Music video for the track ‘White Paint’ by Fitzroy North taken from the double-A-sided single ‘AM Pear / White Paint’ out on Paris-based Tiburoni Records June 2012.


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