Five Easy EDM Festival Style Tips

Five Easy EDM Festival Style Tips

Five Easy EDM Festival Style Tips

There is just a certain something about mom jeans, they were not joking around when they said mother knows best. Even mom jeans picked up at a local second hand shop, when properly ripped and cut, provide a cheap and easy fix for those rainy days when all you want to do is keep warm. If you pair these jeans with a flannel shirt that is over tied, tie it around the waist and done a crop top from your favorite artist and just as simple as that, you are set to rave.

From Top To Bottom

If denim and rain are not your thing, there is nothing to worry about, a great solution that combines uniqueness, style and comfort in one outfit is the jumpsuit. Ne sure that the fabrics you buy are natural and breathable — this means that when you come in from the rain, drying time will be pretty quick. You can consider pairing some chunky jewelry with your simple jumpsuit and you are set for the festival.

Braids and Fades

Regardless of whether you prefer short or long hair, even in the rain, there is a hairstyle that will keep the party lit. For shorter hairstyles that are best for keeping the party moving, a fade is the best way to go. A fade is the smartest and simplest solution to any color, style issue or texture that could be had during festival days that are rainy. The go to easy hairstyles for longer hair are the french braids, waterfall or dutch, this only look better with wear.

Instead of Getting Drenched, Get Trenced

Getting lost in a crowd of big coats and bold colors is easy. By adding cool features to your raincoat or jacket, you can really make yourself stand out. If you are not fond of sewing, don´t worry! Hand done stitches that are rough, ragged and ridiculous are a trend that is up and coming, perfect timing no? If you cannot find cool patches, look for old clothes and take them from there,, all that is left is to sew them along the seams. Not only will you stay dry and warm, you will also stand out during the process.

LED Trainers

LED trainers can be a great addition to your whole outfit and add a bright and fun style to your look. LED shoes with their bright, neon LED lights are the perfect addition to the EDM scene as they look great in the dark. Getlit Shoes offer these trainers in a whole variety of great styles and they’re certainly worth considering if this is your scene.

Ditch the Makeup

Rain and make up do not mix. Regardless of how frustrating this may be, ot is understandable that there are certain things which people cannot go without. However when you are hitting day two of the festival and your eyelashes are runny and clumply, that is something that should please be left at the campsite. Forget the mascara. Invest in some fake eyelashes. Even a cheap pair from your local drugstore can look great and they will allow you to rave without looking as if the excitement has brought you to tears. The great thing is that by using the proper glue, you can even hold onto your lashes for next time.

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