Five Hilarious Music Costumes for Halloween

Five Hilarious Music Costumes for Halloween

Five Hilarious Music Costumes for Halloween

Number Five: Hall and Oates.

I know. It’s keeping you up at night. You just can’t decide whether you should be Daryl Hall or John Oates for Halloween. Why choose? To create this half-Daryl half-John masterpiece, split two contrasting shirts down the middle and stitch the sections together. Then do the same with a blonde mullet wig and a brown curly wig. Half a moustache later, you’ve got the unbridled power of both Hall and Oates. Alternate look: Team up with a friend and dress up as giant packages of Halls Cough Drops and Quaker Oats.

Number Four: Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress: At the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga shocked the crowd when she appeared in a dress designed by Franc Fernandez that was made entirely of raw meat. The outfit outraged many animal rights activists, so it will certainly steal the show at your next Halloween party. To get the look without getting condemned by PETA, you can hand paint or dye some wispy-looking fabric and piece together your bold statement in stringy pink layers.

Number Three: The Beatles.

If you can’t get your friends to team up on a Beatles costume with you, just dress up as all of them this Halloween. This boy got the look by cutting a hole in a piece of foam board for his head, then attaching photos of the rest of the Fab Four around him. The mop-top wig and cutout guitar seal the deal.

Number Two: Psy.

“Gangnam Style” has been overplayed to such an extent that a Psy costume is now just the right amount of ridiculous. This easily-recognizable outfit can be put together with just a quick trip to the thrift store. All you need is a black-trimmed blazer (black ribbon and glue if the hunt is unsuccessful), sunglasses, and a bow-tie. Oxford shoes are a bonus. Of course, the costume won’t be complete without some skillful dancing all evening.

Number One: French Kiss.

Pulling off Kiss face paint is already impressive, so you might as well go all the way and throw in an absurd pun. Grab some friends and dress up as a French Kiss this Halloween by giving the 70s hard rockers a bit of a classy twist. Wine glasses, curly moustaches, scarves, and berets make it the perfect play on words. Just don’t forget your baguettes.

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