Five Juicy Collaborations That Need To Happen

Here are 5 Juicy Collaborations That Need to Happen

Here are 5 Juicy Collaborations That Need to Happen

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try really hard you can get some satisfaction in dreaming about it. Right? Here are some of the dream collaborations that we hope will become a reality one day.

Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars – The Funk Fellows.

They coordinated and toured together on the Hooligans in Wonderland Tour in 2011.; they contributed to the Rio 2’s soundtrack; both of their musical and fashion senses are borrowed from the Doo-Wop era, so where the track at? These two have been on each other’s radar for some time now, surely there must have been a conversation, or at least a thought on the matter at some point?

Solange & Rihanna – The Flowerchild and the Bad Gal.

These women could do for the eardrums what sugar and spice do for the taste buds. The two singers are so different in so many ways: manner, dress, artistic style, but to imagine them coming together to record a song that combines Solange’s soulful funk with the Rihanna’s provocative bad-assery is, unfortunately, a mere, wet daydream…for now.

Weird Al and Bo Burnham – The Class Clowns.

With the acclaim that followed Weird Al’s comeback album “Mandatory Fun” last summer, Weird Al Yankovic proved himself to as sharp and as on top of his game as ever. Thirty years in the business and Weird Al can still parody a hit song that will have you forgetting the original’s lyrics. If he and YouTube lyrical comedian and cynic Bo Burnham found themselves in a studio one day, it would be nothing short of pure hilarity.

Rae Sremmurd and Miley Cyrus – Those Crazy Kids.

This is a dangerous one considering the fact that Miley continues to get spurned for her suggestive behavior and appropriation of black culture. However, Regardless of what you may think of the ex-Disney star’s new image and Rated-M-For Mature persona, there’s no denying the hit that would come from a track with between Miley and the “No Flex Zone” rap duo.

Nick Jonas and Taylor Swift – The Boy And Girl Next Door.

For the next big teen head bopper, take the, brooding pop style of Nick Jonas, the bubbly pop style of Taylor Swift, and combine them with lyrics about the cost of love, or unrequited love, or heck, love in the time of cholera, and boom! You’ll get the newest song you love to hate and hate to love.

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