Five Knives - The Future (Official Music Video)

Five Knives – The Future

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In this video for Five Knives’ single “The Future”, you’ll think you’ve awoken to find yourself as a character in George Orwell’s 1984. Set in a bleak, dystopian world, one badass kid has chosen to fight for his individuality and freedom. The video opens to brainwashed children playing hopscotch in a trance-like pattern, one after the other, following each other’s movements to the T. Next, we see the video’s protagonist being dragged through a deserted parking lot by anonymous men in SWAT gear. And then the action begins.
The boy easily takes on dozens of officers, using cool martial arts kicks on one, and at one point completely decapitating another. This is all made even more amazing by the videos awesome CG effects. From there, this lone wolf continues to fight his way through authority. But can one kid really survive them all? Hit play and check out this action-packed video to find out!

Record label: Red Bull Records


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