Five Reasons to See Mad Max in Theatres

Five Reasons to See Mad Max in Theatres

Since its release on May 14, 2015, the over-the-top Australian, post-apocalyptic action film Mad Max: Fury Road, based on the 1979 Mel Gibson movie of the same name, has had critics and fans raving. From the excellent dystopian desert imagery, to the real-life mechanics of all those awesome tanks and vehicles, this film was excellently conceived and executed. The main conflict in the story revolves around actor Tom Hardy’s fight to survive, but there are also some great themes for the academic-minded critics to deconstruct: the ecological collapse of the imminent future, moral decadence, revenge, solidarity, “home”, and even sexuality in the future. There are some awesome female characters in this movie. The whole thing is definitely an homage to the classics of American cowboy cinema, but instead of looking to the wild frontier as a place of opportunity, this dystopian movie paints a much scarier picture. It is really awesome. The film premiered at Cannes Film Festival in France to widely good reviews. Let’s look at some still from the movie.


“If you can’t fix what’s broken, you’ll go insane.” #MadMax #NowPlaying

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