Five Underrated Alternative Christmas Songs

Five Underrated Alternative Christmas Songs

Five Underrated Alternative Christmas Songs

Everybody loves to get into the holiday spirit, but hearing the same batch of cheesy songs every single year gets tiring. As humans, we delight in this ritual, but sometimes it’s as if the same damn songs are haunting you wherever you go; the office, the grocery store, the mall. It’s as if Santa really can see you all the time and he’s try to annoy you to death with the same overplayed songs.

Believe it or not, there are actually holiday-themed songs that don’t involve reindeers and jolly old men. Below is a playlist of Christmas songs that you’ll want to keep playing all throughout the year, regardless of the season.

“Christmas Lights” by Coldplay: In true Coldplay form the song consists of passionate vocals performed by Chris Martin, a catchy chorus, and great instrumentals. It is so charming that it makes you long to see twinkling Christmas lights illuminating the darkness.

“Another Lonely Christmas” by Prince: This song is everything that we love about Prince. Every song that he sings oozes with soul, and this song is no exception.

However, it’s definitely not the most cheerful of holiday songs. He is singing about a lover who died when they were both young and reliving the memory of their relationship.

“Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues: This snarky tune is a UK classic that provides some rather biting humor to world of Christmas music. It is chock full of expletives and describes the Christmas holiday of a completely dysfunctional couple.

Sometimes the stress and expectations of the holidays makes us want to strangle out families and the Pouges don’t shy away from that fact. The lyrics such as “Happy Christmas your arse, I pray God it’s our last” may actually remind you of your own relationship.

“Everything’s Gonna Be Cool This Christmas” by The Eels: A super chill and relaxing take on a holiday song. Just as the title suggests, the lyrics and calming acoustics are designed to make you forget all of your anxiety and just take stock of the good things in life. Think of it as “Hakuna Matata” for the Christmas season.

“Please Come Home for Christmas” by James Brown: Released in 1960, this song has proved to be one that holds its own through generations of music. Although this song has spurred many covers by artists since its release the original is a force to be reckoned with. Brown’s smooth vocals, accompanied by church bells and a jazzy piano, are full of nostalgia and emotion.

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