Five Unreal Handpan Moments

Five Unreal Handpan Moments

What is a handpan, you ask? Let me tell you! A handpan, otherwise known as a “Hang” is a musical instrument invented by Felix Rohner and Sabina Scharer of Bern, Switzerland. The instrument is built using two shells of inverted steel sheets, glued together and leaving the inside hollow. A handpan resembles a turtle shell, or a UFO, and it produces the most magical, ethereal sounds you have ever heard. It is inspired by the traditional steel pan drum of Caribbean music, but the handpan is the result of several years of research, experimentation and design. It is notoriously difficult to acquire a handpan, as they are handmade by the inventors, and there is a very long waiting list. In addition, you are required to go to Switzerland and drink tea with the inventors before receiving your handpan. The drum is currently no longer in production. Listen to these clips and you will understand why it is such a coveted instrument.






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