Flood Coats - Parch My Heart (Official Music Video)

Flood Coats – Parch My Heart

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Flood Coats’ “Parch My Heart” music video is aptly set in a desert region, flat and dry, with mountains faintly visible in the distance. The video is shot entirely in slow motion, matching the pace of the electronic ballad, “Parch My Heart.” A couple, man and a woman both decked out in sunglasses which give them an air of anonymity, are rollerblading down the street together. He’s in a sunny yellow tshirt, she’s in a soft blue sweater and it starts out casual, like they are just having fun rollerblading together through their neighborhood. Soon, however, it becomes clear that they do this quite often. Nothing too fancy, but it turns into more of a dance between them. They head out of the neighborhood and are on a street lined with palm trees, small smiles on their faces as they play out their choreographed moves. The motions recall classic disco (and rollerskate-disco) moves and look like absolute fun.

Director / Editor : Ashley Gutierrez
DP : Steve Cachero
Trunks: Aloha Sunday
ashleygutierrez.com | stevecachero.com

Website: floodcoats.com
Facebook: facebook.com/floodcoats


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