Florence + The Machine Announces Australia Tour Dates

Florence + The Machine Announces Australia Tour Dates



Festival season is gearing up all over the world, including in Australia. One of the major destination points this summer will be Splendour in the Grass, but that doesn’t mean artists won’t be scheduling other events along the way. Florence + The Machine is the latest music group to announce sideshows to accompany their upcoming tour of Australia this July.

This should come as good news to music fans down under, as many of the major festivals are already sold out, or else the tickets have become quite expensive. The famous Byron Bay festival, for example, is already sold out. That’s why many bands have schedule additional shows this summer, even though their contracts with the larger festivals sometimes make that difficult, so as to minimize competition.

Florence + The Machine cannot be kept away from their fans, however. The UK-based group will play intimate headline shows at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre and the Sydney State Theatre in the week prior to Splendour.

Tickets for these Melbourne shows, being marketed as “Flo & Co’s first Australian tour since 2011”, are sure to sell a lot of tickets and please a lot of Australian folk.

Florence + The Machine have been making their way around the U.S. and European festival circuit in preparation for the release of their upcoming third album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. The much-anticipated album is scheduled to drop this Friday, May 29, and it will be their first release in more than three years. Their previous albums have included Ceremonials and Lungs, both of which were well-received by critics and the public. The title of the group is a reference to an inside joke that Florence Welch and collaborator Isabella Summers have had since their early days as young musicians. The idea that they were robots or machines.

The earliest track to be released from their new album was the single, “What Kind of Man”, and the most recent was “Delilah”. Fans will get to hear the new album in its entirety during this summer’s promotional tour.

But Florence + The Machine is not the only Splendour artist taking on Splendour sideshows. Fellow headliner Mark Ronson recently announced some extra Melbourne shows, along with a lot of other artists. All in all, this summer is ramping up to be an exceptionally busy one.

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