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Florida Officer Dives Into A Swamp Full Of Alligators To Save Drowning Dog

Florida Officer Dives Into A Swamp Full Of Alligators To Save Drowning Dog

Dogs – they’re cute, cuddly, and sometimes they’re too curious for their own good. When one dog’s curiosity got the best of him he ended up in a pretty dangerous situation. Luckily, there was an officer around that decided to risk his life to save the pup. You won’t believe how this all played out…

20. Phone Call

Image: Animal Channel

One day, emergency services received a panicked phone call from a local resident. It seems that there was a dire situation that needed the expertise of experts. So what had happened?

19. Boxer Dog

Image: YouTube/WFLA News Channel 8

A sweet boxer dog named Cody was hanging out with his owner when the situation turned scary. The curious Cody decided he wanted to see what swamps are made of. That was a huge mistake.

18. Trapped

Image: YouTube/WFLA News Channel 8

Cody quickly got stuck in the swamp and was unable to pull himself out. The pup was crying out for help and his owner was distraught over it. That’s when the owner called for emergency services to show up.

17. Quick Response

Image: The Kakapo – For The Animals Lovers

Luckily for Cody, there happened to be a police officer around. The officer quickly responded to the situation and began to head over to the area. After all, time was of the most important in a situation like this.

16. Unsure

Image: The Kakapo – For Animal Lovers

Cody’s owner truly had no idea how her dog had managed to get stuck in the swampy area. It happened in the Hidden Oaks swamp and the only thing the owner knew was that Cody was desperately in need of help!

15. Heading Over

Image: Animal Channel

It was Deputy Matt Patellis from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office that responded to the call. He quickly began to head over to the swamp area. There, he saw the struggling dog…

14. No Hesitation

Image: Animal Channel

It was without hesitation that Deputy Patellis responded to the situation. The man began to quickly rip off his uniform so that he could jump into the swamp. He felt no fear throughout the process!

13. Jumping In

Image: Animal Channel

So the officer made his way into the swampy waters and you won’t believe what he had to say about the experience. For many of us, the idea of jumping into a swamp would be pretty gross. However, that’s not what this officer said.

12. Refreshing

Image: WRAL.com

Well, believe it or not, it was nice. It was a little refreshing,” Deputy Patellis said through a laugh. He then began to make his way over to the scared and stuck pup. However, Patellis also knew just how dangerous the situation was.

11. Dangerous Situation

Image: National Geographic Society

Swampy areas tend to be home to some pretty dangerous and scary creatures. This includes gators and snakes of all shapes and sizes. The situation could have easily turned deadly…

10. Chest Deep

Image: ABC Action News

Deputy Patellis was chest deep in swamp water as he made his way over to the poor pup. Despite the water being murky and potentially fatal, Deputy Patellis didn’t inch away. He knew he had a duty to make sure that the pup would be safe.

9. Mindful

Image: westernjournal.com

It was in the back of my mind, I just didn’t really focus on it,” the officer told News Channel 8 about the possibility of running into a gator in the swamp. “I saw a dog that was crying and he just looked pathetic over there, so I just wanted to go get him out.”

8. Tough Rescue

The rescue, however, proved to be more difficult than the deputy had originally anticipated. All of the usual tricks that he would use weren’t working. It was becoming more and more frustrating.

7. Rescue Mission

Image: YouTube/WFLA News Channel 8

The usual tricks didn’t work like ‘Hey buddy, do you want to go for a ride? Do you want a ride?’ He was just nervous. He started kind of backing away from me a little bit, so I was petting him and saying ‘It’s alright bud, we gotta get you over there.’”

6. Successful

Image: YouTube/WFLA News Channel 8

Eventually, the deputy was able to successfully bring the dog out of the swamp water and onto dry land. Cody’s owner was so grateful and Cody himself was so happy to be safe. It was an amazing rescue.

5. A Hero

Image: ABC Actions News

It wasn’t long before Deputy Patellis was being praised as a hero. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office made a wonderful post about the deputy on Twitter. Everyone was so proud of the deputy’s actions.

4. The Post

Image: Twitter

When an owner reported her boxer was trapped and crying on the far side of a small lake, Dep. Matt Patellis went into the water to comfort the animal and get him back home safely. HCSO… always on duty, even in swamp water,” the post read.

3. Meeting Again

Image: Animal Channel

Deputy Patellis was reunited with Cody a few days later. Cody was very happy to see the man that saved his life. There was an instant connection.

2. Good Dog

Image: The Dodo

He was a good dog. He was happy and afterward he thanked me and gave me kisses and loving on me, so this is one of those calls that makes you smile at the end of the day,” the deputy officer said.

1. Wonderful Rescue

Image: YouTube

Deputy Officer Patellis truly showed us what a real hero looks like. Thanks to his amazingly brave rescue Cody was able to live to see another day.

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