Flunk - Cigarette Burns (Official Music Video)

Flunk – Cigarette Burns

Norwegian electronic band Flunk presents “Cigarette Burns” in an elegant music video. The black and white film showcases the band as they perform in several settings, but the fast-paced, groovy transitions definitely set it apart from other live footage videos. We first see the lead singer ascending in an elevator, leaning coolly to one side and gazing out the window. She swings into an apartment and immediately spins around to grab the microphone and begin singing. Both her voice and her facial expressions are so genuine and emotive that the video is captivating without having to be flashy. The high-contrast footage moves fluidly from the apartment to the stage, giving us a dreamy view of one of their live shows. To match the vintage feel of the song, she wears a retro button-down dress, pinned-up hair, and dark lipstick. Everything about the video is so subtle and stylish that you even enjoy even watching her tap her toes.

Directed by Erik Hannemann
Album: This Is What You Get

Website: flunkmusic.com

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