Fly Moon Royalty - DNA (Official Music Video)

Fly Moon Royalty – DNA

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Imagine yourself in a futuristic dance club on the moon. “DNA” by Fly Moon Royalty will lift you up into space with its highly synthesized vocals and electronic sounds. The music video is shot entirely in black and white, which enhances the cosmic vibe of the track. We first hear, “We together like DNA,” and it begins with two people standing a couple of feet away from each other. The man takes off his denim jacket and the two begin dancing. The alluring track is a blend of modern electronica, hip-hop, soul and R&B. Tied together, the music is unique in its own way and influenced by the likes of Janelle Monae, Gnarls Barkley, and The Gossip. The dancers move ever so sensually, and clips of people singing the lyrics are laid on top, creating a faded effect. The synthesized vocals are beautifully and soothingly chilling. The beat of the song is steady and easy, which will prompt listeners to close their eyes and just take it all in.

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