FM Belfast - Underwear (Official Music Video)

FM Belfast – Underwear

The pulsing esoteric beat of FM Belfast‘s “Underwear” is surreal when it first starts off – don’t be fooled by the title, this song is not meant to be comedic even if the title seems like it could be. It almost seems like the song is coming through a drug or alcohol induced haze as the images of the girl on screen are disjointed and jerking around, as if she herself is disoriented and doesn’t have complete control of her own faculties. She falls through expressions – happy, sad, angry, tired – quickly, remaining on one for only a few seconds until we get to a male that seems to be in the same altered state, crawling around on the floor and rearing like an animal as the beat pulses on. We go through several different people this way, in different places, all seeming like they are on a binge and not in control of themselves – “running down the street in [their] underwear,” as the lyrics would suggest, acting totally unlike themselves and foolish in a broad spectrum.


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