Foo Fighters: 'Something from Nothing' Single Review

Foo Fighters: ‘Something from Nothing’ Single Review

Foo Fighters: ‘Something from Nothing’ Single Review

Foo Fighters are one of the few remaining great rock bands of our generation; part of a dwindling group. Led by their charismatic frontman Dave Grohl, they have consistently been able to put out song after song of the highest quality, thereby increasing our expectations from them. Thus, every new release is met with greater scrutiny, and the same is the case with their single “Something from Nothing.”

Released as the lead single for their latest album Sonic Highways, the song starts off with Dave Grohl singing over clean guitars, reminiscent of “Skin & Bones.” The whole band then joins in as Foo Fighters start to get into their groove. Then comes the riff.

A lot of people have accused Foo Fighters of ripping off Dio’s “Holy Diver”, but I disagree. I simply think that they are paying homage to one the great acts in metal. They are smart enough to realize that they cannot simply copy one of the most iconic metal riffs without nobody noticing it. And Dave Grohl has shown time and again that he is a big fan of metal. Thus given their reputation, it is safe to assume that they are simply showing their appreciation towards a band that they like rather than copying them.

The rest of the song builds along nicely and the band really lets loose in the final minute of the song, complete with a crazy solo. Taylor Hawkins is one of the foremost drummers today as he has a groove to his playing that is distinctly unique. He shows those qualities here as even though the drum parts are simple, they are definitely not boring. The lyrics are well thought out and Dave Grohl seems to make multiple references to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. His voice remains distinct as ever with characteristic screams thrown in.

One of the criticisms I have with the song is that it takes too much time to build up. After listening to the song multiple times, I always wanted the song to get to the final few minutes faster. Also, the guitars, except the aforementioned riff, are fairly simple. Some might even call them rudimentary.

Overall, the song suffers from its own hype as even though it’s a decent song, it leaves you wanting more at the end of it. The world has simply come to expect more from Foo Fighters and the song feels a bit underwhelming. Foo Fighters fans may be left slightly disappointed, but for the casual rock listener, “Something from Nothing” is a fun, jam-oriented song that deserves a listen.

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Parth Gyani is an engineer by mistake and music lover by choice from Mumbai, India. He wishes he was born in the 80s.