Fort Hope - New Life (Official Music Video)

Fort Hope – New Life

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Any fan of Fort Hope will love following the band as they prepare for a show in the music video for “New Life.” The shots of the band are spliced with shots of a melancholy girl who is leaving her house to head for the Fort Hope show. The music starts as she presses “play” on her copy of “New Life.” Earbuds in, hood up, she walks downstairs, hops on a train, leaves the station, walks alone down an empty street, passes under a bridge over a canal, all the while listening to “New Life.” Meanwhile, Fort Hope are jamming together, are walking down crowded streets, taking pictures with fans, traipsing through backstage to get to their performance. Once in the audience of the Fort Hope concert, the gorgeous but melancholy fan girl feels the utmost relief, visible on her face as she closes her eyes, breathes a huge sigh and lets the music carry her away.

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