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Four-Year-Old Rescues Tiny Turtles Trapped In Storm Drain

Four-Year-Old Rescues Tiny Turtles Trapped In Storm Drain

One little boy’s act of kindness helped save the life of three turtles. These tiny turtles were stuck inside of a storm drain and when this young boy noticed them, he refused to leave their side until help came.

20. Taking A Walk

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Four-year-old Aiden was taking a walk with his parents down a Florida street. It was typical day and the family was enjoying their Florida vacation. However, soon things changed…

19. Observant

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The little boy, whose name is Aiden, was looking all around with excitement in his eyes. He was happy to be outdoors and was having a great time. Then, his young eyes picked up on something very out of the ordinary.

18. A Stop


Whatever Aiden saw really perplexed him because he forced his parents to stop in their place. They stopped right by a sewer drain and that’s when he spotted three baby turtles that were trapped in the storm drain.

17. Getting Help

Image: Daily Mail

Aiden immediately knew that he couldn’t leave the turtles behind. The baby sea turtles were far too cute and vulnerable and Aiden wanted to help them!

16. Three

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He said, ‘I think I see a crab! Oh no it’s not a crab it’s a turtle!’” his dad, Hunter Henson, told “He counted each one and said, ‘There’s three! There’s three!’” That’s when Aiden’s dad got involved.

15. Alerted

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Aiden’s parents immediately knew that they wouldn’t be able to help out the turtles on their own. However, their son was insistent on helping the turtles. So Aiden’s dad decided to get on a phone call.

14. Phone Call

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Hunter got on the phone and made a call to the Wildlife, Inc. Education & Rehabilitation Center. The center was pretty surprised by the phone call. After all, turtle rescues rarely occur…

13. Rare Occurrence

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Ed Straight, president of the rehabilitation center, has stated that turtle rescues happen once in a while, if even. “The center that usually does turtle rescues was unavailable,” said Straight. “They asked us if we could take care of it.”

12. Heading Out

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Straight, his grandson, and officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission all headed out to the area. Once they got there, however, they were greeted with a pretty difficult situation.

11. A Struggle

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The team came and immediately started to try and remove the grate. However, they greatly underestimated the weight of the grate. It took a lot of strength to remove it…

10. Concentration


After a ton of concentration and willpower, the team was finally able to remove the grate. Then, they got started on removing the three little turtles from the drain!

9. Watchful Eye


From the sidelines, Aiden watched with excitement in his eyes. He refused to move until he knew that all three sea turtles were pulled out and placed in a safe area.

8. Hero

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If Aiden hadn’t spotted the turtles in the storm drain, their chances of survival would have been very slim.  “If he hadn’t seen them, they probably would have died,” Straight said.

7. Drifted


Rescuers had a few theories as to how the sea turtles may have gotten stuck in the storm drain the first place. The area that they got stuck in is a well-known route for sea turtles to head out to sea to hatch their eggs.

6. Lights

Image: Daily Express

Rescuers also believe that the sea turtle that laid the eggs may have gotten disoriented on her way to the sea. They say that this was most likely due to someone in the area leaving their lights on, which may have confused the sea turtle.

5. Rescued

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Once they were removed from the storm drain, the sea turtles were taken to a local animal rescue facility. They were given a check-up to make sure that they were doing well and were healthy enough to be placed back into the ocean.

4. Taking Care

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The turtles will be taken care of at the rescue facility for now. Once they are doing better and have recuperated from the situation, they will released back into the ocean.

3. No Chance

Image: Pensacola News Journal

Without Aiden there, the rescuers presume that the turtles would have died from dehydration and humidity. There would have been no way for them to get into the ocean without someone there to guide and help them.

2. Savior

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We wouldn’t have found them without that little boy,” said Straight. Aiden is so happy that he was able to spot out the turtles and see them all get rescued.

1. Little Helpers

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Aiden’s actions can help remind us all how a small gesture can go a long way. Now these three little turtles will have a chance at life and will live out their lives in the ocean where they belong.

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