Foxes: 'Body Talk' Music Video Review

Foxes: ‘Body Talk’ Music Video Review

Foxes- Body Talk Music Video Review - PPcorn

UK pop sensation Foxes just released the neon-themed music video for her latest single “Body Talk.” Born Louisa Rose Allen, Foxes has been featured on a number of world-famous hits such as Zedd’s “Clarity,” which won a Grammy Award in 2014. “Body Talk” is the first single off of her second studio album, Arms Around a Memory, which is set to be released on November 21, 2015.

As the music video for “Body Talk” begins, I am intrigued as to what will happen and what the story line will be. Foxes pulls up to a gas station in a white car, steps out of the car, and walks up to a woman working at the gas station. She asks the woman “How much?,” pays the desired amount, and walks away. Then, all of a sudden, four girls appear behind her and start dancing in a choreographed formation. The plot has been tossed aside and the only thing that can be seen is Foxes and her background dancers performing a routine. After a minute of dancing, Foxes pulls up in the same car, yet again, and goes to the window at the gas station, but this time the woman isn’t there. Consequently, the spontaneous dancing begins again, and the plot has gone to waste. After this happened a third time, I was completely dumbfounded. I simply don’t understand why the director tried to make it look like there was going to be a plot and then fooled everyone by not including one at all.

That being said, I actually did like the music video. I believe that the dancing sequences fit with the song perfectly, since the lyrics are all about body language and body movement. Some of the lyrics in this song include “Gotta rise / Gotta fight / Cause it’s something I wanted” and “Let your body talk / Even when it feels so lost / Spinning when the tears / They fall, you gotta just let it go.” Foxes’ voice is incredible in this track, and she especially excels during the section directly after the bridge when all of the instrumentals drop out of the track. This track is extremely catchy and has a great, electronic beat that makes the listener want to get up and dance.

Overall, I believe that “Body Talk” is a great, electronic song with a fun and visually-pleasing music video. Be sure to check out Foxes’ album, Arms Around a Memory, on November 21.

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