Foxtails Brigade - Winter's Feat (Official Music Video)

Foxtails Brigade – Winter’s Feat

Foxtails Brigade – Winter’s Feat

“Winter’s Feat” by Foxtail Brigade is a stop motion video that starts off on a Christmas Card, and takes place in a town made entirely of little paper houses covered in white cotton ball fluff snow. This village is situated beneath a white Christmas tree, and it looks like a stop motion scrap book as we watch paper forest animals exchanging gifts in one of the houses.  The girl that made and is setting up the village seems to be able to see all of this perfectly fine, and even begins making more cut out inhabitants for the village, including one of herself so that she can spend time with her creations.  She falls asleep on the floor next to the tree.  The strangely off key, playful music pairs up well with the whimsical visuals as a young girl gets her Christmas wish to spend time in the paper village she created with her little friends.

Written and Directed By Trisha Gum:
Animated By: Alfonso Estrada
Director of Photography: Frank Duran
Fabrication and Production Design: Trisha Gum
Visual Effects: Alfonso Estrada
Edited By: Vanara Taing Music By: Foxtails Brigade

Check out the album, Time Is

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