French Horn Rebellion - This Moment (Official Music Video)

French Horn Rebellion – This Moment

French Horn Rebellion‘s “This Moment” sounds like an upbeat 60s or 70s track, and the video starts with the two band members wearing very different clothing from each other sitting and trying to pose for a picture. For a while it just stays on the two of them, from different angles, lightings, and exposures on the film, as if the photographer is trying to get the perfect shot, and is forcing them to stand there until it happens. The next scene seems to be another photo shoot outside this time, up against a brick wall in a city with a motorcycle behind them and slightly different costumes. Again, its like there is a photographer forcing them to hold still so that the perfect picture can be taken to commemorate the moment. Eventually the two escape by knocking the camera down so that we are seeing them from the ground sideways, and the picture fades – the last image is a picture, presumably of them, as young boys.

Directed by Harry Fellows:



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