Fried Food:  Top 6 Most Common Misconceptions

Fried Food: Top 6 Most Common Misconceptions

Fried Food: Top 6 Most Common Misconceptions

We tend to think of fried food as being unhealthy and causing all sorts of ailments in our bodies. The truth is that fried food doesn’t have to be an unhealthy experience. Read on for more information.

Number Six: Fried Food Is Linked To Heart Disease

Not completely true. Evidence shows it’s trans fat that’s bad for you, not frying of food per se.  Trans fats increase the risk of heart disease. Trans fats are labelled as “partially hydrogenated oils” on labels and are best avoided. They are also the most commonly used oils in fast food places because of its ability to be used over and over again.

Number Five: Fried Food Is Linked To Obesity

Eating healthy fried food in moderation and with consideration of your daily caloric needs, this type of food won’t generally make you fat. However, some studies have revealed that if you have a genetic propensity for obesity, eating junk food can actually increase your changes of becoming obese.

Number Four: Fried Food Is Linked To Type Two Diabetes

Have you noticed that lots of desserts tend to be deep-fried and delicious? We’re talking Mars bars, donuts, cakes, even ice cream! But again, it’s not just junk food per se that causes type two diabetes. To reduce your chances of getting type two diabetes avoid eating food made of simple sugars as much as possible.

Number Three: Fried Food Tastes Too Greasy

It’s true that junk food is greasier than non-fried food, but not all fried food tastes very greasy. That’s because food fried correctly absorbs less oil than food fried incorrectly. Typically, a good temperature for many oils to fry is at 375 degrees, but of course it depends on the oil. Remember, frying at a too-low temperature will increase the amount of oil the food absorbs.

Number Two: All Fried Food Is Generally Bad For You

A Spanish study involving 40,000 people showed that food fried in olive oil and sunflower oil posed no health risks. While another study showed that these oils were beneficial for decreasing insulin levels. All junk food isn’t bad for you. It depends on the oil you use, the condition of the oil you use, and the food you use to fry.

Number One:  Fried Food Causes Acne

You’ve probably heard it said that greasy food causes acne. The misconception is that the oil in your food is what causes acne. However, studies show that greasy food is not linked to acne at all, but dairy and high glycemic foods are.

You can certainly enjoy fried food in moderation without feeling like you’re damaging your health by being careful of the type of oil and food you use for frying. Be careful to avoid trans fats which are known to cause various serious health conditions.

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