Fried Food: Top 6 Most Common Misconceptions 

Fried Food: Top 6 Most Common Misconceptions

Fried Food: Top 6 Most Common Misconceptions

They say everything worth loving is illegal, expensive or fattening. Let us talk about the last bit. Fried food is loved by almost everyone. Be it fried chicken, French fries, or even fried ice cream. Anything lathering in oil, piping hot and ready to be eaten is okay with me. But then there are the haters. They will spin unnecessary myths around food just to get some attention. They will create phobias around food that are enough to drive a hungry man to starvation. In this article, we will debunk six such myths about fried foods.

Number Six: Fried food is always very fatty

As hot oil touches any food, the moisture inside it boils and falls into the oil. While leaving, the moisture creates a hurdle that minimizes absorption of oil. The oil that does go into the food forms a crispy crust. How is that fattening? If you fry stuff at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, there is least absorption of oil. Lower temperatures will increase absorption of fat.

Number Five: Eating Fried food Causes Heart attacks

Eating fried foods regularly will not lead to heart problems if you use sunflower oil or olive oil. This is proven by a study published in the British Medical Journal.

Number Four:  Frying with Olive Oil destroys Its Health Benefits

This is very wrong as even the delicate extra virgin options can resist heat without sacrificing any nutrition. This is because the mono unsaturated fats, which are good for your heart and found in olive oil, are not altered by heat. As long as this oil is kept below the smoking point, nutrition and flavour of the food remains intact.

Number Three: Eating fried zucchini and potatoes is the same thing

While this is more of a flavor-related subject, health-wise, potato chips or French fries are a lesser evil. This is because vegetables like zucchini and eggplant absorb far more oil than potatoes, thanks to the high starch content in them.

Number Two: All Saturated Fats, as found in Fried Food, Raise Blood Cholesterol

Saturated fats are all handled differently by the body. Stearic acid acts similar to monounsaturated fat by not raising the harmful LDL cholesterol and boosts the good cholesterol. The good saturated fat, as found in chocolate and coconut, is much healthier as once envisioned. But be sure to consume them in moderation as anything high in fat has far too many calories too.

Number One: It is Okay to Reuse Oil

Each time that you heat oil, it becomes more and more destabilized and decomposes. It gets thicker and gets a gum-like consistency with a dark color. If it forms foam on top, it is time for it to go.

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