Friends: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Friends: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Friends: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

The television sitcom series, Friends, has made its way into the hearts and households of the majority of America. Since its debut in the ‘90s, this program has stood the test of time. Despite its ten year running length, fans still beg for more and settle for their favorite reruns. We don’t have to tell you everything there is to love about the show; you have probably fallen for it all on your own. However, even some of the diehard Friends fanatics don’t know the facts on our list, and that’s why we are here to fill you in! Although, you do have to come back for our coming part two article to learn the most surprising eight facts that you didn’t know about Friends!

Number Fifteen: Keep Me Away From the Duck. Anyone who has kept up with the show is familiar with the favored feathered star, the duck that Joey and Chandler kept as a pet. Lisa Kudrow hated this aspect of the show because off-camera she was absolutely terrified of the bird.

Number Fourteen: Film Time. It isn’t easy to create the perfect scenes for a TV show, and it takes more time than they lead you to believe. To make every half hour episode, it takes an average of five hours of film time.

Number Thirteen: The Name. Before they decided on the iconic title of Friends for the sitcom, a handful of titles were tossed around by the producers. The first idea was to call it Insomnia Café, which was changed to Friends Like Us, then Six of One until they found the winner.

Number Twelve: The Pay Increase. During the first season, each of the main actors received a pay of only about $22,000 per episode. The first of any cast to do this, the cast then teamed up to petition for a pay of $100,000 per episode. As popularity grew, the actors eventually raked in about $1 million each per episode.

Number Eleven: A Tribute. In the storyline of the show, the profession of the character Joey is an actor who plays Dr. Drake Ramoray in an alteration of the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Oddly enough, Jennifer Aniston’s father is an actor as well. In the real production of this show, he plays the character Victor Kiriakis.

Number Ten: Sibling Rivalry. On camera, David Schwimmer plays the older of the two Geller siblings to enhance the relationship of the two. However, it is kind of funny when you realize that actress Courtney Cox is actually two years older than Schwimmer. Today, he is 49 years old and she is 51.

Number Nine: The Love Interest. The relationship between Rachel and Ross is considered to be the central romance of the sitcom, as fans seemed to demand it. However, that wasn’t how it was planned. The writers actually changed the plot of the series in order to incorporate this love interest, simply because the two actors had such a powerful chemistry. Come back soon for our part two article, and discover the top eight things you didn’t know about Friends!

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