Friends: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2) 

Friends: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Friends: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

We filled you in on the first seven things you didn’t know about Friends in our part one article, and now it is time to top off our list! None of us can help but to be in love with this addicting show, and we are here to let you in on all of the entertaining insider knowledge. We are finally here to present part three of what you didn’t know about Friends: the eight most surprising facts on our list!

Number Eight: Moving Day. If you really pay close attention when you watch television, you might have noticed when the apartment number on Monica’s door jumped between episodes. Originally numbered with five, the producers decided to switch the apartment number to 20 so fans wouldn’t think that the living space is on the ground floor of the building.

Number Seven: Phoebe’s Pregnancy. When Phoebe’s character got pregnant, almost all of us viewers were guilty of trying to convince ourselves that it was just a big pillow under there. However, the baby bulge was as real as it gets. This aspect of the story was included only because Kudrow got pregnant at the time of filming, and it had to be worked around.

Number Six: Joke Credits. For those of you who remember the episode titled The One After Vegas, we’ll bet you don’t quite remember the opening credits. In the previous episode, Monica and Chandler undergo a hasty Vegas wedding; the producers made their own little joke referencing the event, by putting the surname “Arquette” (the actor who plays Chandler) after each name in the credits.

Number Five: Huddle for Luck. During the ten years of filming for the show, the six actors became close friends on and off the camera. At the beginning of filming for each episode, the stars engaged in a ritual of a group huddle for good luck.

Number Four: First and Last. While casting the actors for the roles of the main characters, Schwimmer was the first to win the position. Aniston was the final addition to the team.

Number Three: Magna Doodles. After religiously watching the series, viewers start to notice the creative Magna Doodles on the wall of Joey and Chandler’s apartment. They are different in each episode and are created by crew member Paul Swain, who has a lot of artistic emotions to be expressed.

Number Two: Odd Coincidence. During filming, Cox and Arquette had quite the little romance. They were married in 1999, until 2013. Weirdly enough, they had troubles getting pregnant just like Monica and Chandler did. What’s even worse, Cox had to film the scene of Emma’s birth after just having a miscarriage herself.

Number One: Topping it Off. As the 10-year series came to a halt, the cast couldn’t help but celebrate over their successes. Aniston hosted a dinner party at the home she lived in with Brad Pitt, complete with wine that producer Kevin Bright had been holding onto from the first season. In addition, each of the six friends was gifted with a chunk of the Central Perk sidewalk as a memory. We really hope you enjoyed learning all the facts and everything you didn’t know about Friends!

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