Frilled Shark: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

Frilled Shark: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

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The frilled shark is a mysterious creature which lives in some of the deepest waters of our oceans. Not many people know about them, well, because they don’t come into human contact very often. Here are more facts about these marine animals that most people don’t know.

Number Eight: It Wasn’t Seen Alive Until Recently

For a good number of years now, the frilled shark has only been seen by humans as their dead bodies have washed onto the shore. In 2004, however, this all changed. It was seen swimming by NOAA scientists.

Number Seven: The Goblin Shark Is Family

As strange as the frilled shark is, it isn’t as strange as it could be. The goblin shark is this creature’s cousin, and this animal pushes its jaw out of its face when making a kill.

Number Six: The Frilled Shark Could Be a Living Fossil

The frilled shark could be a living fossil because it hasn’t changed very much in such a long time. Scientists haven’t been about to point out just how long yet.

Number Five: It May Have Mythology Behind It

Upon discovering the frilled shark, many thought that this might be the animal that several civilizations had believed to see. This may be the real sea serpent or dragon that the has been noted in Gaelic, Indian, and Japanese urban legends.

Number Four: It Has a Rounded Snout

Something which makes it sort of different from other sharks is the fact that it has a rounded snout. It also has vertical slits for a nose, which is rather odd.

Number Three: It’s Named After This Body Part

The frilled shark is named after its interesting gills, which are continuous and found around its entire throat. Most gills are not even nearly close to being this long.

Number Two: It Has Hair Cells

This beast has something known as mechanoreceptive hair cells, which help the creature detect minute movements in the water. This is even more important in the deep waters in which they inhabit, since it’s so barren down there.

Number One: They Have No Breeding Season

Because frilled sharks live so deep down in the water, they aren’t affected by a breeding season like most creatures are. Instead, it’s supposed that they do the act when its possible. Thanks for reading!

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