From Indian Lakes - Ghost (Official Music Video)

From Indian Lakes – Ghost

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California’s alternative indie band From Indian Lakes have a haunting music video for their song “Ghost.” Each of the five members are depicted in the wild, rugged beauty of what could pass for their hometown of Yosemite National Park, but instead of being able to enjoy their surroundings, the five guys’ lives all seem to be in jeopardy from some unknown source of danger. Each is apparently alone, with a prop that foreshadows the method of his own demise. The first is partially submerged, sitting up in a creek. The second is lying on his back over freshly dug dirt with a shovel in the ground near his head. The third stands utterly exposed in a rocky field. The fourth stands among the trees holding several dry, spindly sticks and the fifth sits alone in a dirt road with his hands tied in front of him. This is just the first twelve seconds, before the music even takes over the sounds of nature. Watch “Ghost” on FDRMX to find out what happens to each member of From Indian Lakes next.

Directed by Matt Palmer
From Indian Lakes – Joey Vannucchi, Justin Stanphill, Chris Kellogg, Tohm Ifergan, and Enrique Guitierrez


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