Funeral for a Friend to Release 'Hours' Live

Funeral for a Friend to Release ‘Hours’ Live

In 2005, Funeral for a Friend released their highly regarded sophomore album Hours, which added more memorable, anthemic songs to the impressive collection started by its predecessor Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation. To celebrate Hours’ ten year anniversary, Funeral for a Friend performed the album in full at a handful of shows at the end of April, with Boysetsfire and More than Life in support. If you weren’t able to attend one of the events, fear not, as the entire show at London’s Islington Academy is coming to DVD June 15th. Simply titled Hours Live from Islington Academy, the release will be available in multiple formats: vinyl with DVD and digital audio; DVD and CD; and digital audio, through End Hits Records. In addition to the eleven tracks from Hours, the show concludes with five songs from the band’s wider catalogue, new and old, taking the running time to just under an hour and a quarter. Ahead of the release date, you can sample footage of “Roses for the Dead” on YouTube, to get you in the mood.

Davies-Kreye’s vocal style has changed over the years, taking on a raw, aggressive tone with less focus on flawless execution. In a recent review with the front-man, he attributed this to wanting a more liberated and comfortable stage persona, aimed at feeling the fluidity and energy of the performance rather than wanting to replicate perfect studio vocals. The DVD displays a good balance between Davies-Kreye as an active front-man and a confident vocalist. While his vocals have changed over the years, he delivers each song comfortably, showing that even though his mental approach has shifted, his ability is still firmly in place.

As well as offering a chance to bathe in the history of the band and enjoy a piece of nostalgia, the show also provides some unique moments for fans, such as the live version of “Hospitality,” which singer Matt Davies-Kreye introduces by declaring “this is one we’ve never, ever played to an audience of people.” The DVD is a great reminder of the quality on Hours and the performance is a perfect combination of energy and enthusiasm, from the band and audience alike. As only two of the current line-up were involved in the creation of Hours, there’s an interesting dynamic on stage; the newer members are more like fans of the album than proprietors and as such they channel the enthusiasm of three fans being invited on stage to perform a set of songs they know and love.

Two days prior to the release of Hours Live from Islington Academy , the band will be playing the main stage of Download festival on June 13th, their sixth appearance at the festival. FDRMX will be at the event to bring you reviews and interviews from the weekend.

The full DVD tracklist is: 01. “All the Rage”, 02. “Streetcar”, 03. “Roses for the Dead”, 04. “Hospitality”, 05. “Drive”, 06. “Monsters”, 07. “History”, 08. “Recovery”, 09. “End of Nothing”, 10. “Alvarez”, 11. “Sonny”, 12. “Sixteen”, 13. “1%”, 14. “Conduit”, 15. “Juneau”, 16. “Escape Artists Never Die”.

FDRMX Eyes: Atome Primitif’s video for their song “Silver House” is a simple animated short set primarily in black and white. The video opens to a girl staring out her room window on a rainy day. Check the video out here: 

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