Funeral Suits - We Only Attack Ourselves (Official Music Video)

Funeral Suits – We Only Attack Ourselves

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Fans of Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction will appreciate this music video for “We Only Attack Ourselves” by Alt-Rock band Funeral Suits. The visual effects on display effectively create the desolate world of the narrative and wouldn’t feel too out of place in a summer film. More than just well done futuristic eye candy, the video is also an engrossing tale about the fleeting nature of life and how desperately holding onto the things one loves can irreparably tarnish them.

Without giving too much away, the video opens with a male android waking up inside a deteriorating house in an even more deteriorating town. After an emotionally jarring look outside, the android finds a video that provides all the devastating answers he is looking for. “We Only Attack Ourselves” is clearly influenced by robot film staples like The Terminator, Wall-E, and Robocop but still establishes a very original identity. The emotional vocals of Funeral Suits further emphasize the tragedy of this very evocative music video.

Official Credits

ITunes: Lily of the Valley
CD & Vinyl:

This is the music video for Funeral Suits single ‘We Only Attack Ourselves’ taken from their debut album ‘Lily of the Valley’

Label: Model Citizen
Publisher: Evolving Music Company
Writers: Funeral Suits (McKeogh / Howley/ McCarthy/ Grant)

Directed, Edited and VFX by Jonathan Irwin
Produced by Michael Donnelly
Director of Photography: Piers McGrail

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